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How to Fix Windows 10 Mouse Lag

Mouse lag in Home windows 10 can be really annoying. Menus and other objects cease responding, the scroll bar pauses unexpectedly, the mouse pointer freezes, you have to click two or three moments to find items — the listing goes on. Maintain looking at to see how to fix all those difficulties and other problems induced by a lagging mouse.

Why the Mouse Lags in Home windows 10

Mouse lag is one particular of the most widespread Windows 10 issues consumers deal with. This is for the reason that a ton of items can add to the problem. Something from a driver update, misconfigured mouse configurations, or a terrible battery can be the source.

Whilst it may possibly come to feel like your mouse is the difficulty, a computer system that lags could position to a much greater (but nevertheless effortless to repair) trouble. If apps are sluggish to open


Top ITSM Certifications for 2024

IT service management, or ITSM, certifications have become standard across the technology sector. These certifications can show competency and knowledge related to designing, planning, operating and delivering IT services.

ITSM is based on the framework of ITIL, or the IT Infrastructure Library. This documentation informs ITSM practices and is used as a guiding principle.

We’ll look at the most popular ITSM certifications and why each one is important in the field of information technology. The focus of these certifications is to enhance the delivery of value to customers by improving information systems processes that can increase efficiencies and reduce downtime or interruptions.

You may notice that some of the featured ITSM certification listings link to practice courses. Some versions of the ITSM exam certification packages come bundled with practice courses and prep materials, while others do not.

Certification Cost Duration Skill level Will you receive a certification, badge or professional

Digital Transformation key to Reaching Business Ambitions

Digital transformation represents a fundamental shift in the way businesses operate, interact with their customers and compete in the global marketplace. By embracing the power of data, cloud computing, AI and other cutting-edge technologies, businesses can unlock opportunities for innovation, efficiency and competitive advantage.

According to Gartner, digital transformation can refer to anything from IT modernisation to digital optimisation to the invention of new digital business models. Organisations choose to implement digital transformations for a variety of reasons, often motivated by the desire to remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Now, research published by Deltek has found that professional services businesses are optimistic about growth opportunities and plan to invest significantly in technology to realise their ambitions. In the latest research: Deltek Clarity Trends and Insights for Architecture, Engineering and Consulting Firms, the majority of project-based businesses (84%) expect to increase profits in 2024, compared


Canada’s Immuno-Engineering and Biomanufacturing Hub research teams awarded $140M in federal funding

Today, the Government of Canada announced an investment of $140 million in projects associated with Canada’s Immuno-Engineering and Biomanufacturing Hub (CIEBH) — a UBC-led national research hub with more than 50 academic, industry, not-for-profit and health sector partners.

The four supported projects will accelerate the development and manufacturing of lifesaving medicine for patients and communities across Canada. Together, these projects will enable Canada to rapidly respond to future pandemic threats — in less than 100 days — and address some of the most pressing health challenges facing Canadians today.

The CIEBH projects were announced as part of a larger investment by the Government of Canada to further grow the domestic biomanufacturing and life sciences sector and prepare Canada for future health emergencies. The Honourable Soraya Martinez Ferrada, Minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions


Why the UK needs to fix its broken IT security market

Failures in the technology market are prompting discussions in government over whether the UK will ultimately need to legislate to force IT suppliers to secure their products.

Policy advisors believe legislation may be the only route to persuade software and hardware suppliers that it is worth their while to develop products that are resilient to cyber attacks.

This could see the UK following the US, which is proposing to make software suppliers legally liable if they deliver insecure products and services as part of its National Cybersecurity Strategy.

The problem has been exercising Ollie Whitehouse, chief technology officer at the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is part of the signals intelligence agency GCHQ.

He told a conference in Birmingham this week that the market is failing to incentivise technology suppliers to spend time, money and effort on ensuring that their software is free from security vulnerabilities.



Belarusian hackers claim to have infiltrated KGB computer network

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Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko becomes chairman of the All-Belarus People’s Assembly, a newly established extra-governmental body.

Two hospitals in Kyiv were evacuated following threats from the head of the Belarusian KGB.

Lithuania demands Minsk retract claims it was preparing for drone attacks on Belarusian targets.

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The Belarusian service of German media outlet Deutsche Welle is declared an extremist organization and banned in Belarus.

The Belarusian Cyber Partisans group claims to have hacked KGB servers, accessing 40,000 denunciation reports and 8,600 agent profiles.

The Norwegian government pledges $900,000 to the political prisoners fund set up by Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

New Belarusian extra-governmental body holds first meeting, appoints Lukashenko its chairman

The new Belarusian extra-governmental body, the All-Belarus People’s Assembly, convened on April 24-25 in Minsk, appointing