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The most common Zoom problems and how to fix them now

Is Zoom giving you problems and you can’t seem to fix them? Video conferencing software is more popular than ever, with thousands of companies turning to teleworking to keep their employees in the loop. Zoom and other online meeting tools make that easier than ever, but as with any other software, issues will arise, and they disrupt or even prevent good video calls.

Fortunately, while there are Zoom service outages you can’t do much about, you often can fix typical problems yourself. To help get your Zoom calls working properly, we’ve collected the most common Zoom problems users face and have provided easy solutions to be able to fix them.

If you also use Microsoft Teams or are making the switch to Zoom because of issues with Teams, check out our guide to fixing Microsoft Teams problems; maybe you will find a solution there so you won’t have to make


5 Ways to Fix Your Backlit Keyboard When It’s Not Working on Windows

Backlit keyboards don’t just look cool, but they make using your computer in low-light environments easier. Instead of hunching over your keyboard or increasing the monitor’s brightness, so you can see what key you’re pressing, you can turn on your keyboard’s backlight.

However, different apps, software updates, or hardware issues might stop your backlit keyboard from working. So if you’ve already restarted your computer or connected your keyboard to every USB port, and it’s still not working, it’s time you take a closer look at the problem.


1. Check if Your Keyboard Comes With the Backlit Feature

Even if you’ve bought a new, fancy-looking keyboard, there’s a chance it doesn’t have the backlit feature. The same goes for your laptop. Go to the manufacturer’s website and check the product description for your keyboard or computer. This will save you from


Best remote desktop software of 2023

We feature the best remote desktop software to make it easy to control and access PCs and deploy software remotely. 

Choosing the best remote desktop software will equip you with the tools needed to access and manage one or more computers from another device. Remote access is possible via both local networks and the internet, which means that, with the right software, anyone can access any device, anywhere in the world. 

With one of the remote desktop access applications we’ve listed below, you will be able to do any one of a number of things. 

For example, you could use your personal smartphone to access and manage files on your business PC or office laptop without having to leave your home. Having this versatility is great, particularly during periods of sickness or difficulty when you’re unable to physically go to the office- as is often the case now with the


100% Disk Usage in Windows 10? 18 Tips and Tricks to Fix This Issue

Windows 10 is largely a reliable operating system, but one problem has plagued it since launch: the 100% disk usage bug.

Resulting in system-wide hangs and freezes, the bug appears in various scenarios and is straightforward to resolve, if you know what you are looking for.

One of the following fixes should resolve any Windows 10 100% disk usage bug whether your computer uses an HDD or SSD storage.


100% Disk Usage in Windows 10: Fixed

When the error was first discovered, only a few culprits were found. But as time passed, despite the 100% disk usage error being reported to Microsoft, more causes of this bug have been discovered.

Click the link above for each possible cause of the bug to see how to fix it. Check the steps one at a time, referring to the Windows Task


PC Won’t POST? 4 Ways to Fix It

When you power on your computer, one major thing happens even before you see anything on the screen. It is called the power-on self-test (POST). Essentially, POST checks if all the components in your computer are working as they should. This includes input devices, RAM, CPU, motherboard, and graphics card. Your OS loads after all components pass the POST.


However, sometimes you can encounter a POST error, and it’s always good to know how to deal with it.

How to Identify a POST Error

A power-on self-test error is usually easily identified. There are two primary symptoms of a POST failure:

  1. There is a constant or irregular beeping sound whenever you power on your computer. Some motherboards also have LED lights that flash or even a digital display with an error code if there is a POST error. Refer to

Graphics Card Not Working? Here Are the Causes and Fixes

From video games to professional 3D work, a graphics card is an essential piece of kit for those who want to push their computers to the next level of graphics rendering. Unfortunately, as is usually the case with adding extra hardware to a computer, graphics cards come with their own sets of problems and issues. If your graphics card is not working, it can be frustrating, especially for those who aren’t experienced with graphics cards and don’t know how to diagnose errors.

Here are the symptoms of a faulty graphics card and how to fix it when it is not working.

Also helpful: identify the graphics card in your computer before testing any of these fixes.

The Symptoms

Games Underperforming

It’s a tale as old as time. You buy a new gaming laptop or GPU, having heard that it will run your games at searingly fast framerates, but when it