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Engineering artificial photosynthetic life-forms through endosymbiosis


Synechococcus elongatus strains were derived from S. elongatus PCC 7942 (Syn7942). This strain was obtained from Prof. Susan Golden’s lab (University of California San Diego, UCSD). We used S. cerevisiae ρ + NB97 (MATa leu2-3,112 lys2 ura3-52 his3ΔHindIII arg8Δ::URA3 [cox2-60]) as a host for S. elongatus endosymbionts. The S. cerevisiae-cox2-60 strain was obtained from the Schultz lab (Scripps Research).

Growth media

S. elongatus cells were grown in sterile Erlenmeyer flasks containing liquid BG-11 medium. These cultures were shaken aerobically at 37 °C and 250 rpm under 3000 lux. Yeast cells were shaken aerobically at 30 °C and 250 rpm in YPD medium (1% yeast extract, 2% peptone, 2% glucose) containing 50 mg/L carbenicillin.

List of all the fusion selection media:

Selection medium I: 1% yeast extract, 2 % peptone, 3 % glycerol, 0.1 % glucose, 1 M sorbitol, 2 % agar, and 1X BG-11 salts.



And now: a cute monster breeding match from a former genetic engineering tech

When RujiK first performed Dragon Quest Monsters, they had been upset that the outcomes of monster cross-breeding ended up so… predictable. Every combination was predetermined: established formulas of slimes, drackys, and orcs manufactured set final results, with tiny get in touch with for experimentation.

Yrs later and now a developer, RujiK is trying to rectify that childhood disappointment with a sport named Socket Beast (performing title), whose big attract over other monster catchers is its vivid, GBA-esque artwork model coupled with a unique animation procedure which supports combining the game’s creatures into most likely countless numbers of unique offspring. Just one of RuijiK’s WIP demonstrations of the recreation exploded on Twitter, with a GIF of the game’s cheeky small critters exploring its vivid environments retweeted well around 15,000 moments in just a day.


Nike Salaries Across Open Roles in Design and style, Information Analytics, Engineering

  • The American sneaker corporation Nike is choosing for above 2,000 roles.
  • Open roles span style and design, knowledge analytics, engineering, and promoting.
  • Insider used H-1B wage information to attach predicted salaries to some of these open roles.

Company is booming at one particular of the most legendary sneaker corporations — and it is really employing to hold tempo.

According to Nike’s fiscal reporting, fourth-quarter revenues at the finish of 2021 totaled $12.3 billion. That marked a 96% improve from 2020, with once-a-year revenue leaping to 196%, the greatest obtain in the firm’s history, in accordance to Forbes. This is a massive comeback for the sneaker brand name. Nike shut down quite a few of its US and World-wide retailers between the months of March and Might of 2020, when the pandemic first began. 

“Nike’s strong benefits this quarter and complete fiscal 12 months show Nike’s exceptional aggressive gain


Stanford engineers invent a photo voltaic panel that generates electrical energy at night time

The skies previously mentioned Stanford, California, ended up unusually obvious for various nights final October.

That was very good news for researcher Sid Assawaworrarit and his colleagues. People disorders were “possibly the finest of the 12 months,” he tells IE.

Assaworrarit isn’t really an astronomer grateful that clouds did not block starlight from touring by the environment and reaching the mirror of his telescope. An electrical engineer, he welcomed the cloudless evenings for an completely distinctive purpose: a crystal clear night time signifies infrared mild from the surface area of photo voltaic panels can freely radiate out into area.

That move of power permits the unit Assaworrarit and his colleagues established — an normal photo voltaic panel outfitted with a thermoelectric generator — to crank out a small quantity of energy from the slight variation in temperature between the ambient air and the surface area of a photo voltaic panel


Cornell engineering cuts credit limit to save mental well being

In an effort to improve university student mental wellness, Cornell University’s University of Engineering will decrease the optimum amount of credits learners can choose every single semester, the higher education declared Thursday.

The move comes in reaction to a universitywide psychological wellbeing evaluation, concluded in 2020, which recommends a number of measures to minimize pupil pressure and stress and anxiety. They incorporate utilizing grading on a curve, mandating meetings concerning learners and advisers, exploring go-fail assessments, and establishing a credit score limit at each college or university.

For engineering learners, that suggests commencing following semester, they will be constrained to a utmost of 20 credits for each semester, down from the existing 23. The total selection of credits necessary for a degree remains unchanged and may differ by big. About 13 percent of engineering students took extra than 20 credits past semester, and .5 percent took much more than


Engineering On A Deadline For Squid Match

If you asked us for an epic tale of coming up with and developing below a deadline, a person of the previous destinations we would feel to look is a MrBeast video.  But here we are, many thanks in no tiny portion to the epic capabilities of a single [William Osman].

What do you do when a big YouTube superstar asks you to cope with a task with an difficult deadline?  If you are [William], you say “heck yeah” and figure out the particulars later on. In this circumstance, it was famed YouTuber [Jimmy Donaldson], aka MrBeast, who was setting up his individual model of Squid Game. In this variation, no a person dies, but a couple of players do stroll absent with a good deal of hard cash.

The premise is basic — “kill” people with a movement-sensing gun turret, just like the 1 in the