Domain Reseller vs Domain Registrar: What Is The Difference?

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Domain Reseller vs Domain Registrar: What Is The Difference?

Domain Reseller vs Domain Registrar: What Is The Difference?

Creating a website is essential for launching a business online, and purchasing a website domain name and website hosting are essential steps in this process.

A domain name serves as the address of your platform and there are so many benefits of buying a domain name. One of them is that it allows you to improve your image online. In fact, it is considered to be the identity of your company on the web.

There are two ways through which one can buy a domain name for the website – through a Domain Reseller or a Domain Registrar. What are these terms and how do they help in establishing the online presence of a business? Let’s discover all the details.

Who is a Domain Reseller?

A domain reseller is a person or company that buys domain names and re-sells them to companies or individuals who want to create new brand websites. Usually, a domain reseller is a partner of one or more official domain registrars.

These can be individuals and official organisations- specialised domain registrars or hosting companies.

Who is a Domain Registrar?

A domain register is an entity which handles domain name registration and assigns IP addresses. The main task of a domain registrar is to work as a mediator between the central registry and the customer.

Difference Between a Domain Reseller and a Domain Registrar

AspectsDomain ResellerDomain Registrar
AccreditationNot accreditedAccredited by central registry
RolePurchases domain name from domain registrar/central registry and sells it to companies and individuals.Fulfils the role of an intermediary between the buyer and registry.
Domain RegistrationOffers the most affordable and cheapest domain registration services but is not an accredited registrar.Helps the buyer in registering a new domain and updating the old domain records. A domain registrar, as suggested by the name, is accredited by the central registry.
AccessDo not have access to the registry database of the government.The best domain registrars have access to the central registry’s database.
EarningThe source of earning is the difference between registration charges paid and retail prices charged from the consumer.The service amount charged for registering or updating the domain name is their income.

How to Become a Domain Reseller?

If you want to become a domain name reseller, you can join Domain Reseller Programs offered by different websites online. By having a domain reseller account, you will be able to develop your own control panel and connect with modern hosting tools.

Domain reseller programs are a one-stop solution for reselling domains, hosting, and other services. You can become a domain reseller easily as it’s simple, profitable, and has a reasonable rate.


Domain is an integral element of the modern Internet and is the best way to make a brand “visible”. Thanks to it, visitors can easily memorise the website name and search engines can index the platform.

However, to completely understand the concept of domain selling and the ways through which one can get a domain for his/her website, it is crucial to learn the points mentioned in this article that differentiate a domain reseller from a domain registrar.

Along with this, if you want to start your own domain name reseller business, you should first get informed about what domain reselling is, how a domain registrar is different from it, and how to become a domain reseller.