How To Take care of The Comms Computer (Back again To Vectera Quest)

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How To Take care of The Comms Computer (Back again To Vectera Quest)

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Completing the Back to Vectera Major Quest necessitates acquiring a few Electricity Cells to fix the Comms Computer in Starfield. Now that Barrett and Heller are taken away as hostages, gamers are tasked with location the Comms Personal computer to find the two lacking gentlemen.

Triggering the Back again to Vectera Most important Quest is fairly uncomplicated and can be performed early on in Starfield. Though the mission is viewed as fairly time-consuming as it forces gamers to check out three distinctive planets, correcting the Comms Pc can be conveniently done on collecting the demanded materials.

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How To Deal with The Comms Laptop or computer In Starfield

vectera control room key location in starfield

To deal with the Comms Pc in Starfield, players should locate three Electrical power Cells and insert them in the Electricity Receptacles. Upon completing the discussion with Lin all through the Again to Vectera Quest, head to the orange doorway to the suitable and open it by interacting with the lever. Go inside, then transform left and open the folding doorway primary to an office environment. Strategy the desk and just take the Vectera Command Room Key.

how to unlock vectera control room in starfield

Get out of the business office and stroll towards one more orange door then activate it utilizing the nearby change. On the other side of the door are three empty Ability Receptacles and the Vectera Command Space. Use the key and head inside to interact with the damaged Comms Laptop or computer. Alternatively, Protagonists can check out lock-finding the doorway in Starfield to progress in the Cyber Jockey Achievement. As it turns out, obtaining 3 Electrical power Cells is essential to activate it.

Back to Vectera is triggered as soon as Sarah asks gamers to glimpse for Barrett at the end of The Old Neighborhood Quest.

The place To Find Power Cells To Fix The Comms Laptop or computer In Starfield

power cell locations in starfield

There are a full of six Ability Cells scattered close to the region and gamers could pick out the Cells they need to have. All of the Cells provide the identical reason, so it does not really make a difference which 1 is obtained first.

Listed here are all feasible locations to acquire a Power Cell in Starfield:

  • Method the shelf up coming to the yellow Storage Crate and get a Electric power Mobile.
  • Head out of the compartment and interact with the robot up ahead to acquire a Electrical power Mobile.
  • Gather one more mobile from the table future to the robot.
  • Technique the crates and barrels ahead to come across a Electricity Cell.
  • Communicate with Lin to get another a single.
  • Use the swap to enter the close by compartment and choose a Electric power Cell from the Medbench.

fixing comms computer in Starfield

After a few of the 6 talked about Ability Cells are acquired, return to the Vectera Management Place in Starfield and insert the Cells within the Energy Receptacles. Now, the Comms Pc is functioning and gamers will shortly retrieve a concept from Barrett and Heller.

Starfield is out there now on Personal computer, Steam, and Xbox Series X/S.