"Every time we invent something, we make it easier to invent something else"

Erik Brynjolfson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The most common Zoom problems and how to fix them now

Is Zoom giving you problems and you can’t seem to fix them? Video conferencing software is more popular than ever, with thousands of companies turning to teleworking to keep their employees in the loop. Zoom and other online meeting tools make that easier than ever, but as with any other software, issues will arise, and they disrupt or even prevent good video calls.

Fortunately, while there are Zoom service outages you can’t do much about, you often can fix typical problems yourself. To help get your Zoom calls working properly, we’ve collected the most common Zoom problems users face and have provided easy solutions to be able to fix them.

If you also use Microsoft Teams or are making the switch to Zoom because of issues with Teams, check out our guide to fixing Microsoft Teams problems; maybe you will find a solution there so you won’t have to make


5 Ways to Fix Your Backlit Keyboard When It’s Not Working on Windows

Backlit keyboards don’t just look cool, but they make using your computer in low-light environments easier. Instead of hunching over your keyboard or increasing the monitor’s brightness, so you can see what key you’re pressing, you can turn on your keyboard’s backlight.

However, different apps, software updates, or hardware issues might stop your backlit keyboard from working. So if you’ve already restarted your computer or connected your keyboard to every USB port, and it’s still not working, it’s time you take a closer look at the problem.


1. Check if Your Keyboard Comes With the Backlit Feature

Even if you’ve bought a new, fancy-looking keyboard, there’s a chance it doesn’t have the backlit feature. The same goes for your laptop. Go to the manufacturer’s website and check the product description for your keyboard or computer. This will save you from


Davies snags new COO | Insurance Business Canada

Davies snags new COO | Insurance Business Canada

Veteran IT and operations head steps into newly created role

Insurance News

Ryan Smith

Davies, a specialist professional services and technology firm serving insurance and highly regulated markets, has announced the appointment of Jen Morrissey (pictured above) to the newly created position of group chief operations officer. She will be based in the US.

Morrissey has more than 20 years of experience in leading global strategic information technology and operations in the risk management and professional services sectors, Davies said. Prior to joining Davies, she served as chief information officer at Union Risk Advisors. Morrissey also previously served in roles at Willis Towers Watson and Electronic Data Systems.

In her new role, Morrissey will oversee Davies’ global technology, transformation, M&A integration, procurement and real estate functions. She will report directly to group CEO Dan Saulter.


BlueHalo’s New UAS Injection Molding Engineering

BlueHalo’s Latest UAS Incorporates Alpine’s Strengthened Polymer Injection Molded Chassis

by DRONELIFE Team Writer Ian M. Crosby

BlueHalo has partnered with Alpine Innovative Resources for the newest edition of its Intensive Eye Unmanned Aerial Technique (UAS).

Keep on looking at under, or hear:

This new design incorporates an injection molded chassis crafted with Alpine’s HX5 multi-scale reinforced polymer, which has been verified in the harshest of environments. HX5 renders the Rigorous Eye UAS both much better and lighter, increasing its efficiency and payload ability.

The Extreme Eye UAS family members is a 750-mm course 4 rotor Vertical Acquire Off and Landing (VTOL) UAS with applications in each professional and military functions. Its program and avionics are improved with BlueHalo’s sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and device understanding (ML) technologies–granting unrivaled autonomy, communications systems, and swarm logic abilities.

“Through our strategic aim on modest business enterprise partnerships, BlueHalo has labored closely with


25 Business-Know-how Tendencies You Can Expect In 10 Several years. Time To Shell out Attention.

I comprehend the competition for headlines. The Corona virus (however), insurrections, vigilantes, California fires, indictments, faculty shootings, trains, war, energy expenditures, threats to customers of Congress (from customers of Congress) and pathological liars are exquisite clickbait – and clickbait helps make revenue. Or it may possibly be that we just really don’t have an understanding of technology, that AI, blockchain and the Web-of-Issues are way too complicated, and talking about perplexing issues is unpleasant. But technology will influence each and every facet of our individual and expert lives in ten several years – just inquire ChatGPT.

25 Predictions/10 A long time

In this article are just a handful of predictions that are risk-free bets:

  1. In 10 a long time there will

Gender inequality in laptop science begins in early years

Scientists discover that gender inequality in laptop science begins for ladies as early as the third grade

Allison Master, assistant professor of psychological, well being and mastering sciences at the College of Houston University of Education, performed a study wanting at gender inequality in laptop or computer science to fully grasp when women reduce their optimism about computer system coding.

In the UH research, investigation finds from talking to women as younger as the 3rd quality, the likelihood of rising up to be a computer system scientist is intensely dependent on gender.

It is no surprise that women of all ages are really less than-represented in fields like laptop science, as the subject alone is globally male-dominated.

How did computer science turn out to be male-dominated?

This cultural craze, as found by Jess Romeo, occurred in the mid-1960s, when there was a “newfound appreciation for pc programmers, blended with