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Assistive engineering


Assistive technological know-how permits folks to are living nutritious, successful, unbiased, and dignified life, and to take part in training, the labour sector and civic everyday living. Assistive know-how lowers the require for formal health and fitness and help providers, long-term care and the perform of caregivers. Without assistive technological know-how, men and women are often excluded, isolated, and locked into poverty, therefore raising the impression of ailment and incapacity on a man or woman, their family members, and society.

Who can profit from assistive technology?

People today who most need to have assistive technologies include:

  • people with disabilities
  • older people
  • persons with noncommunicable diseases this sort of as diabetes and stroke
  • individuals with psychological health disorders together with dementia and autism
  • people with gradual useful drop.

Well being, very well-being and socioeconomic rewards

Assistive technological innovation can have a beneficial affect on the wellness and perfectly-becoming of a