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How Meta brought AV1 to Reels

  • We’re sharing how we’re enabling production and delivery of AV1 for Facebook Reels and Instagram Reels.
  • We believe AV1 is the most viable codec for Meta for the coming years. It offers higher quality at a much lower bit rate compared with previous generations of video codecs.
  • Meta has worked closely with the open source community to optimize AV1 software encoder and decoder implementations for real-world, global-scale deployment.

As people create, share, and consume an ever-increasing volume of online videos, Meta is working to develop the most bandwidth-efficient ways to transcode content while maintaining reasonable compute and power consumption levels. Choosing the most appropriate video coding formats — the algorithms for compressing and decompressing the file — is crucial. Over the past two decades, researchers have developed video coding standards with ever-higher compression efficiency, including AVC, HEVC, and VVC, developed by MPEG/JVET, and VP9 and AV1, developed by Google and