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Cornell engineering cuts credit limit to save mental well being

In an effort to improve university student mental wellness, Cornell University’s University of Engineering will decrease the optimum amount of credits learners can choose every single semester, the higher education declared Thursday.

The move comes in reaction to a universitywide psychological wellbeing evaluation, concluded in 2020, which recommends a number of measures to minimize pupil pressure and stress and anxiety. They incorporate utilizing grading on a curve, mandating meetings concerning learners and advisers, exploring go-fail assessments, and establishing a credit score limit at each college or university.

For engineering learners, that suggests commencing following semester, they will be constrained to a utmost of 20 credits for each semester, down from the existing 23. The total selection of credits necessary for a degree remains unchanged and may differ by big. About 13 percent of engineering students took extra than 20 credits past semester, and .5 percent took much more than