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Synology DiskStation Vs QNAP Vs TerraMaster: Which NAS Device Is Best for SMBs?

NAS devices facilitate easy data storage and access over an IT network in any business or organization. Here’s a comparative guide on the top three NAS devices: Synology DiskStation, QNAP, and TerraMaster.

What Is a NAS Device?

A NAS device or Network Attached Storage device is a centralized file server that can be accessed through a shared network for secure and fast data storage and retrieval by authorized employees.

One of the top advantages of using a NAS device is that it increases your organization’s storage capacity without requiring heavy investment. Also, you can set up a NAS device in several ways based on your requirements.

Setting Up Via a Network: Small and medium businesses commonly use this method to set up NAS devices. It helps users connect over a network to easily store and retrieve data from a shared database without compromising speed, cost, and security.

Setting Up Directly