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New Prompt Engineering Technique Pumps-Up Chain-Of-Thought With Factored Decomposition And Spurs Exciting Uplift When Using Generative AI

It is said that sometimes you’ve got to stop and smell the roses. This involves calming yourself and overcoming the usual tendency to rush along. We all seem to be in a mad dash these days.

When you overly rush, you tend to splinter or undercut your attention. By instead riveting your scarce attention, you heighten the propensity to observe little things that can make big things happen. Being slow and sure is at times highly advantageous.

Those inspirational thoughts are going to be instrumental to my discussion herein, as you will shortly see.

In today’s column, I am furthering my ongoing series about the latest advances in prompt engineering. My focus this time will be on the use of a fascinating and important new advance associated with