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Could Toronto make drinking fountains obtainable calendar year-round? This engineering grad states of course

A group of engineering students says it can be located a way to make ingesting fountains readily available year-round in Toronto, and is calling on the metropolis to pour out the funds to make that vision a truth.

The resolution sprang from a College of Toronto class project on engineering for international advancement, where five learners were being tasked with locating a way to make drinking fountains operational throughout the year.

Carmelle Chatterjee, a new graduate of chemical engineering, was amid them. She suggests wall-mounted fountains attached to properties and community centres can be converted to make h2o fountains offered in any season.

“Although winterizing and building this doable in a cold and severe Toronto weather could pose some troubles, there unquestionably is the technological information to conquer individuals troubles,” Chatterjee said.

Toronto has around 700 ingesting water fountains across the metropolis. The town could not validate how many of