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What do Horror Movies Have to do With Mechanical Engineering?

“If you at any time stroll by my place of work and hear blood curdling screams, which is just me grading,” claimed Bridget Smyser, teaching professor of mechanical and industrial engineering.

It’s not the grades that induce the screams, to be clear—it’s Smyser’s extensively investigated, experimentally audio grading system, which she stated to a entire household in Blackman Auditorium on Wednesday, for the duration of the university’s Very last Lecture party.

The ceremonial final lecture for the graduating course is fashioned immediately after the traditional “last lecture” sent by beloved retiring professors popularized at Carnegie Mellon College in Pittsburgh. The concept took off in the mid-2000s, following Randy Pausch, a professor at the university who identified he had terminal most cancers, delivered his last lecture there. Pausch’s lecture was turned into a e book titled “The Very last Lecture” that grew to become a New York Moments bestseller in 2008.