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Most common errors when trading cheap options

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, you must watch out for common errors when trading cheap options. Errors in this realm can quickly turn into costly mistakes and cause havoc on your portfolio. Before entering the scene, evaluating the risks involved with low-cost options is crucial, as multiple factors could lead to undesirable outcomes.

This article will focus on the most common pitfalls associated with trading cheap options and ways to avoid them so that you can ensure a successful outcome.

Trading without a plan

Trading options is certainly a viable way to increase funds and mitigate losses in the stock market, but if it isn’t done with a plan of action, it can be disastrous. One of the most common errors when trading cheap options is failing to have a plan of action before executing any trades. With a defined set of goals and risk mitigation strategies, … read more...

Should You Invest in the Fidelity MSCI Information Technology Index ETF (FTEC)?

Launched on 10/21/2013, the Fidelity MSCI Information Technology Index ETF (FTEC) is a passively managed exchange traded fund designed to provide a broad exposure to the Technology – Broad segment of the equity market.

An increasingly popular option among retail and institutional investors, passively managed ETFs offer low costs, transparency, flexibility, and tax efficiency; they are also excellent vehicles for long term investors.

Sector ETFs are also funds of convenience, offering many ways to gain low risk and diversified exposure to a broad group of companies in particular sectors. Technology – Broad is one of the 16 broad Zacks sectors within the Zacks Industry classification. It is currently ranked 6, placing it in top 38%.

Index Details

The fund is sponsored by Fidelity. It has amassed assets over $5.31 billion, making it one of the largest ETFs attempting to match the performance of the Technology – Broad segment of