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Saline remedy: Japan invents ‘electric’ chopsticks that make foodstuff seem to be extra salty | Japan

Diners in Japan could before long be ready to savour the umami of a bowl of ramen or miso soup without having acquiring to fret about their salt ingestion.

In what they assert is a planet 1st, researchers have formulated chopsticks that artificially generate the style of salt, as component of initiatives to cut down sodium concentrations in some of the country’s most popular dishes.

The chopsticks function by applying electrical stimulation and a mini-computer system worn on the eater’s wristband.

The product transmits sodium ions from food, by the chopsticks, to the mouth in which they generate a feeling of saltiness, according to Homei Miyashita, a professor at Meiji University in Tokyo, whose laboratory collaborated with the foods and consume producer Kirin to acquire the system.

The staff explained they would refine the prototype and hoped to make the chopsticks available to people subsequent year.

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