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Gender and culture bias in letters of recommendation for computer science and data science masters programs

In this section we analyze the LOR features across our study groups. We first compare the LORs by applicant gender and identify statistically significant features among the variables outlined in Table 1. We are also interested in learning if any observed applicant biases are present among the male and female recommenders. We next conduct a parallel study where we swap the roles of recommender and applicant gender and compare the LORs by recommender gender and examine these differences while controlling the applicant gender. Lastly, we present the findings across three culture groups (i.e., US, China, and India).

Comparing LORs by applicant gender while controlling for recommender gender

Table 3 summarizes the differences between LORs written for female and male applicants, with further analysis on the recommender’s gender. The results only include features for which the differences by applicant gender are statistically significant with a 95% confidence.

Without considering recommender gender,


Campus Faculty of Letters and Science designs to limit large-need majors

UC Berkeley’s Higher education of Letters and Science will institute a transform in policy, restricting learners to enrollment in only a person “high-demand” key beginning tumble 2023.

The improve will also suggest freshman and transfer learners admitted into large-demand from customers majors will have a seat in the key held for them so prolonged as they complete the vital prerequisite programs.

The modify is mentioned in the articulation arrangement between UC Berkeley and various group faculties. The checklist of substantial-need majors features computer system science, data science, economics, psychology and a lot of many others. 

Pupils interested in computer science, for example, could be unable to declare the main after they are admitted, according to the articulation settlement. Also, it is recommended that transfer pupils complete as lots of decrease-division big necessities as feasible ahead of transferring to campus.

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