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Engineering artificial photosynthetic life-forms through endosymbiosis


Synechococcus elongatus strains were derived from S. elongatus PCC 7942 (Syn7942). This strain was obtained from Prof. Susan Golden’s lab (University of California San Diego, UCSD). We used S. cerevisiae ρ + NB97 (MATa leu2-3,112 lys2 ura3-52 his3ΔHindIII arg8Δ::URA3 [cox2-60]) as a host for S. elongatus endosymbionts. The S. cerevisiae-cox2-60 strain was obtained from the Schultz lab (Scripps Research).

Growth media

S. elongatus cells were grown in sterile Erlenmeyer flasks containing liquid BG-11 medium. These cultures were shaken aerobically at 37 °C and 250 rpm under 3000 lux. Yeast cells were shaken aerobically at 30 °C and 250 rpm in YPD medium (1% yeast extract, 2% peptone, 2% glucose) containing 50 mg/L carbenicillin.

List of all the fusion selection media:

Selection medium I: 1% yeast extract, 2 % peptone, 3 % glycerol, 0.1 % glucose, 1 M sorbitol, 2 % agar, and 1X BG-11 salts.