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Preventing loathe speech and misinformation on the net

We started off searching into this matter about late March 2020, when absolutely everyone was desperate about COVID-19, and when we started out looking at news stories of despise speech, physical assaults, and harassment from men and women of Asian descent. Getting expended a good deal of time in the area of on line social media, we started on the lookout at this dilemma of hate speech but on on the net platforms. In addition, even though dislike speech was spreading on social media, there were also people who ended up countering hate speech, in support of folks of Asian descent: we experienced these two competing narratives concurrently spreading on social media platforms. We then started off amassing data on Twitter similar to this phenomenon, setting up from January 2020: we fundamentally crawled tens of millions of tweets from hundreds of hundreds of users on these subject areas, and we