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Computer Networks: Myths, Missteps, and Mysteries


Perlman: I’m Radia Perlman. Welcome to the talk, Myths, Missteps, and Mysteries of Computer Networks. How do you understand network protocols? The way that it’s usually taught is as if just memorize the details of the current standards as if nothing else ever existed, no critical thinking about what’s good, or what’s bad, or alternate ways things could have been done. It’s important to understand that nobody would have designed what we have today. It’s just so grotesquely complicated. The only way to really understand it is to know how we got here. First, I’m going to talk about some layers 2 and 3 stuff. What is Ethernet exactly? It’s not what you think it is. How does it compare and work with IP? If I ask a network person, why do we have both Ethernet and IP? They’ll say Ethernet’s layer 2, and IP is layer 3. I’ll


Pc Networks: Myths, Missteps, and Mysteries

Radia Perlman, EMC Fellow and one of the pioneers of early network style and design, offered a keynote at QCon London that explored how networking protocols and systems have progressed to grow to be today’s Web. In her discuss, she answered some widespread issues (e.g. Why do we require both of those Ethernet and IP?) and explored how points could possibly have looked if they had been made these days.

Perlman commenced by stating that she doesn’t constantly agree with the way industry experts discuss about community protocols, memorising the particulars of the way anything is deployed, such as:


TCP/IP arrived on tablets from the sky in its brilliant perfection, absolutely nothing else at any time existed


She believes that criteria act extra like going targets than stable reference details. Also, the specialist teams working on the expectations are, at occasions, performing much more like sports