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Wind power turbines under Velebit mountain view, Alkaline pool from abandoned factory, Dalmatia region of Croatia.

This year’s Queen Elizabeth Prize identified a 40-yr partnership among two researchers that has led to an increase in the size of modern-day wind turbines and the scale of their use.Credit rating: Alamy

Final month, components scientist Matic Jovičević-Klug and his colleagues reported how ‘red mud’, an iron oxide waste merchandise generated in the course of aluminium production, can be repurposed for ‘green’ steelmaking. Their results1 have the opportunity to lower carbon dioxide emissions from steelmaking by utilizing a round-financial state strategy.

Had an article reported the implementation of this same method on a larger sized, even industrial scale, a lot of readers could have been astonished to see it in Character.

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Best Lego sets for adults: Science, nature & engineering sets for curious minds

It may have started out as a kid’s toy, but in recent years Lego has fully embraced the adult market. And so, with near hundreds of sets available aimed at older generations, you may be wondering what the best Lego sets for adults are.

We’ve selected a number of our favorites, focusing on Lego sets with a connection to science, design, or technology. You’ll find some vehicles here, for instance, with working parts and challenging cog systems. You’ll also find several realistic flower and plant sets from Lego’s Botanicals range that botanists are sure to get a kick out of.

Every set we’ve featured here has been built by us and personally approved. We’ve also got full reviews for most of the sets, which you can click through to below each entry. Our list of best Lego sets for adults has been selected from a range of price points, so