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Hackers assert to have breached Israeli nuclear facility’s computer network

An Iran-linked hacking team claims to have breached the personal computer network of a sensitive Israeli nuclear installation in an incident declared by the ‘Anonymous’ hackers as a protest versus the war in Gaza.

The hackers claim to have stolen and revealed thousands of paperwork — including PDFs, e-mails, and PowerPoint slides — from the Shimon Peres Negev Nuclear Exploration Middle. The secretive facility, which homes a nuclear reactor joined to Israel’s unavowed nuclear weapons plan, has historically been qualified by Hamas rockets.

In a social media message detailing their intentions, the group claimed “as we are not as like as the bloodthirsty Netanyahu and his terrorist army we carried out the operation in this kind of a way that no civilians were harmed.”

Irrespective of this statement, in an additional a social media information the group explained it did “not intend to have a nuclear explosion but this operation


Hanford report reveals dilemma with nuclear squander remedy

Though Washington River Security Answers did laptop-model testing on the chance of a liquid  acetonitrile leak throughout the pre-cure method, it did not estimate for the possibility of acetonitrile vapors, in accordance to the internal DOE memo.

“WRPS designers mentioned they done modeling to notice the consequences of a hypothetical spill from the condensate tank but did not conduct any modeling or calculations to identify the outcome of a vapor leak,” the inside DOE memo claimed. 

The memo mentioned the acetonitrile vapor concentrations could attain from 49,910 sections for every million up to 463,343 areas per million at distinct pieces of the pre-processing facility. 

The U.S. Environmental Security Agency and the Facilities for Illness Regulate and Prevention the two put the basic safety threshold for acetonitrile vapors at 170 pieces per million. The federal Occupational Basic safety and Health Administration has a utmost permissible publicity limit of 40 areas for