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Why Should You Recycle Your Old Television?

Why Should You Recycle Your Old Television?

In the US TV Recycle Programs help consumers safely dispose of old televisions. It is a program for electronic media recycling that allows you to safely and economically dispose of your old television. To ensure that TV Recycling reduces electronic waste, you must follow some guidelines.

Contact your local recycler first. Many TV Recyclers are located in the US. They can be reached via telephone or Internet. Find one either by visiting the facility or calling them. Most electronic recyclers today accept televisions from all major brands.

Once you’ve chosen a local TV recycler, go to the store and take your old TVs. You will usually be provided with a bin in which to store your old TVs. You will be given a kit to collect your old TVs. In this kit, you must fill out all the necessary information, such as serial numbers and model numbers. After the TV … read more...