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Iit: Cracking the Powai code: Why toppers make a beeline for comp science at IITB

MUMBAI: If IITs are India’s blue chip training makes, the Personal computer Science office of IIT-Bombay is possibly the bluest of the blue chips. Chennai’s IITranks bigger in general in educational excellence but it can be the CSE-IITB graduate who consistently instructions a Rs 50 lakh starting up wage. “50 %-a-crore” for a 21-yr-previous starting out on his/her occupation is a potent aspiration for the million-moreover Course XII engineering aspirants.

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Bombay, Delhi, Madras major IIT possibilities among major 500

Mumbai: IIT-Bombay, Delhi and Madras have been the top rated choices amongst the best 500 rankers at the shut of round 1 of admissions on Friday. Kanpur, Kharagpur, Roorkee and Hyderabad have a small illustration in this club. “We are delighted that college students see IIT-B as their favored campus to pursue

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