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Overview of Information Technology Project Proposals

The 2023-24 Budget


This post provides an overview of the information technology (IT) projects in the Governor’s proposed 2023-24 budget. We first provide relevant background information on the California Department of Technology (CDT) and the phases of an IT project. We then identify each of the budget proposals to plan, develop, and implement IT projects. We provide our assessment of topics common to several IT project-related proposals and offer options for legislative consideration. (We do not provide in-depth analysis of any individual budget request in the post, but link to other IT project-related analyses in other publications organized by budget area.)


Role of CDT. CDT is an entity within the Government Operations Agency with broad authority over all aspects of technology in state government. This post focuses on two of the department’s responsibilities: (1) to review and approve IT projects proposed by state entities, and (2) to oversee