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Teenage Engineering TP-7 Review – Scratching Field Recorder

Teenage Engineering TP-7 Review – Scratching Field Recorder  · 

Marcus Schmahl

TP-7 from Teenage Engineering is their fourth device in the mobile Field series. Who is it for? What’s inside that makes its hefty price tag justified? We take a look in our Teenage Engineering TP-7 Field Recorder Review.

Originally published at Gearnews.de by Marcus Schmahl. Translation by Julian Schmauch. 

Teenage Engineering TP-7 Review – Highlights

  • Compact and well-built 24-bit/96 kHz field recorder
  • A mobile workflow with professional features
  • High-quality recordings with the built-in microphone
  • Multitrack recording with three stereo tracks/six mono tracks
  • Audio interface for computers and smart devices
  • Always ready to record (even when powered off)
  • Built-in battery with 7h runtime
  • Unique playback with scratching
  • Companion iOS app with transcription function included
  • Additional features coming through a firmware update

TP-7 – a compact mini mixer and audio interface with pro features.

Teenage Engineering is known for its