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How to Fix a Windows Kernel Power Error in 5 Easy Steps

Key Takeaways

  • The Kernel-Power critical error is a system error that can cause your computer to crash without warning, indicating a power supply or hardware issue.
  • Common causes of the Kernel-Power error include outdated Windows, enabled Windows fast startup, and faulty RAM or graphics card.
  • Fix the error by updating Windows, disabling fast startup, reseating RAM and graphics card, testing for faulty PSU, and running CHKDSK and SFC.

Does your Windows computer shut down without warning? Or does it crash every time you attempt to wake it from Sleep? Your computer might have a power supply fault, causing it to crash without warning.

The issue, known as a Kernel-Power error, seemingly appears for no reason, yet is a critical system issue. Here’s how to fix Kernel-Power Event ID 41 and stop your computer from crashing.

What Is a Kernel-Power Critical Error?

The Kernel-Power critical error is a system error that


4 Steps Remote Staff Can Choose to Increase House Cybersecurity

Most operate-from-house setups aim on the practical elements of producing a bodily workspace on the residence entrance. When engineering comes up, it truly is typically in relation to items like remote-helpful communication and collaboration tools.

But what about cybersecurity? When an employee just isn’t on-website, it can be tough for them to preserve the exact same amount of digital safety that they may have in a actual physical business. 

If you are worried about the security of your house place of work or individuals of your workforce, right here are a couple strategies to help you strengthen your dwelling cybersecurity.

1. Start out With a Protected Network

Your community is your first line of defense in opposition to cybercriminals. Every single device has its individual protective units, but these will change from one particular product to the up coming. 

For occasion, you could have a entirely cyberarmored get the job