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[SOLVED] How to Fix Game Stuttering with High FPS 2024

[SOLVED] How to Fix Game Stuttering with High FPS 2024

Have you ever played a game and been hit with unexpected choppiness, lag spikes, and delays? That’s game stuttering, one of the most frustrating headaches in PC gaming. Sometimes it happens even if the system has high FPS. Luckily, we have solutions for it.

There are many factors related to game stuttering. One of them is your hardware condition. Overheating machines, underpowered GPUs, inadequate RAM, and CPU bottlenecks are all likely to cause stuttering during gaming. In this case, you need to update your hardware device.

Apart from that, system settings and software settings affect your gaming experience as well. And that’s where we can work to tackle game stuttering issues with high FPS. 

Update GPU Driver to Fix Game Issue

3 steps to update ALL drivers

1. Download; 2. Scan; 3. Update.

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7 fixes for game stuttering with high FPS:

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