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Wi-Fi Hacking Happens. Here Are 10 Expert-Recommended Tips to Prevent It

You’ll get faster speeds using an Ethernet connection, but there’s no denying the convenience of Wi-Fi. The technology makes it possible to connect numerous devices around your home, from laptops and phones to security cameras and streaming sticks, but it’s not without its flaws. Aside from a little speed loss, the main concern with Wi-Fi is that it also makes it easier for others — perhaps unwanted users and devices — to connect to your network.

Consider the information on your Wi-Fi-connected devices and how accessible that information might be if someone gained access to your Wi-Fi network: credit card numbers, bank records, login credentials, live camera feeds.

A secure home network will help reduce the risk of getting hacked and having someone access your sensitive information. Not only that, it will keep away unwanted or unauthorized users and devices that would slow down your connection or freeload on


20 Industry Experts’ Tips For Tailoring Your Business’ Tech Stack

Whether via marketing from B2B tech product and service providers or daily reports in industry media, businesses are constantly bombarded with headlines about “the latest must-have tech tool.” It can be difficult for leaders (even tech experts) to resist the siren call of a tool that promises to “revolutionize” processes—especially if they know their competitors are using it.

It takes thorough knowledge of their organization and well-grounded reasoning on the part of leaders to determine if the “latest and greatest” tech tool or service is truly something they should pursue. Below, 20 members of Forbes Technology Council share strategies a company’s leaders can leverage to filter out the “noise” and tailor a tech stack that meets their organization’s unique needs.

1. Conduct A Thorough Needs Assessment

To filter tech trends effectively, businesses should align technology choices with specific business goals and challenges by conducting a thorough needs assessment. This


11 Tips to Help You Fix the Windows 10 Blue Screen Error

The blue screen of death (BSOD) error is something every Windows user runs into sooner or later. It’s a frustrating problem, as it’s often tough to troubleshoot and can pop up out of nowhere.

We’ll walk you through some basic tips on how to fix a blue screen on Windows 10 (and 11), as well as provide resources for specific blue screen error codes.

What Is a Blue Screen?

In case you’re not sure what a blue screen problem even is, let’s first review this important Windows term.

What’s commonly called a “blue screen of death” in Windows 10, Windows 11, and other versions is technically known as a stop error or fatal system error. This occurs when the operating system crashes, meaning that it ran into some issue that prevented it from running safely. When this happens, Windows displays a blue screen with some information about the problem


100% Disk Usage in Windows 10? 18 Tips and Tricks to Fix This Issue

Windows 10 is largely a reliable operating system, but one problem has plagued it since launch: the 100% disk usage bug.

Resulting in system-wide hangs and freezes, the bug appears in various scenarios and is straightforward to resolve, if you know what you are looking for.

One of the following fixes should resolve any Windows 10 100% disk usage bug whether your computer uses an HDD or SSD storage.


100% Disk Usage in Windows 10: Fixed

When the error was first discovered, only a few culprits were found. But as time passed, despite the 100% disk usage error being reported to Microsoft, more causes of this bug have been discovered.

Click the link above for each possible cause of the bug to see how to fix it. Check the steps one at a time, referring to the Windows Task