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Crafting the Ultimate Tech-Enhanced Guest Experience

Start with Part One before this article.

In Part One, we introduced a fictional narrative featuring Fiona Scully, who envisioned an ideal hotel technology experience while waiting to check in after a long flight. While the story is a work of fiction, it’s important to note that the technological capabilities described are grounded in reality and provided in some modern PMS and hotel management platforms. Such solutions empower hotels to provide an experience akin to that of our fictional Hanson Hotel. Let’s delve into the specifics.

The Historical Backdrop

Hotels have traditionally been slow to embrace technology, often viewing it as secondary to providing luxury and comfort. This hesitancy contrasts with their reputation for exceptional customer service. However, the rise of smartphones has changed guest expectations. Today’s hotel guests are digitally savvy, actively using technology to enhance their experiences. This shift signifies a need for hotels to align


Major tech conferences: The ultimate tech functions guideline for June 2023

For improved or even worse, conferences show up to be back again, so to support you operate out what activities to head to in 2023, TechRadar Professional has curated a listing of the most essential global technologies activities and conferences coming this calendar year.

June 4-8 | Las Vegas and virtual

Cisco Reside provides a vast range of matters and interactive activities that assure to teach, inspire and entertain.

Why attend? Shedding the considerably stuffy image that generally clings to IT conglomerates and their conferences, Cisco Reside is a vibrant and flashy affair, finish with game titles and a social media hub to meet up with other folks, among the plentiful and truly enlightening sessions. 

June 8-10 | Athens, Greece

The European conference for the WordPress community is additional of an casual gathering, featuring both equally relaxed customers and seasoned specialists in the area.

Why show up at? Arranged by


The Ultimate Guide to Network Address Translation | Spiceworks

  • Network address translation (NAT) is defined as the process of mapping private IP addresses to a single public IP address while information is being transferred via a router or NAT firewall.
  • This article explains how NAT works and its uses and gives a few examples.

Table of Contents

What Is Network Address Translation (NAT)?

Network address translation (NAT) is the process of mapping private IP addresses to a single public IP address while information is being transferred via a router or NAT firewall. NAT is used by organizations with multiple devices needing access to the internet via a single public IP address.

If all the devices on a private network are configured to use the same public IP address range, the number of IP addresses required is greatly reduced, which helps conserve address space. Since NAT hides internal IP addresses and mapping information, it can also be used as a