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Prized Science | Understanding autoimmune disorders computer’s remedy-acquiring

Dipyaman Ganguly, principal scientist at CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, has won this year’s Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Professional medical Sciences. He describes how his research has uncovered, among the other items, connections involving the immune responses associated in autoimmune issues and metabolic problems such as diabetic issues. Edited authorities:

Dipyaman Ganguly, principal scientist at CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology

What manufactured you glance for a link concerning autoimmunity and metaflammation?

I have constantly been interested in the way our immune technique typically reacts against our personal body and therefore brings about a myriad of ailments, collectively called autoimmune conditions. For the earlier approximately 20 many years I have been making an attempt to have an understanding of the fundamental procedures, with a key focus on a particular immune cell, called plasmacytoid dendritic cells or PDCs, and a unique class of biochemical mediators (cytokines) that triggers certain responses


Understanding Software Engineering Salaries in 2022, in 5 Charts

These days, virtual-reality experts look back on the platform as the first interactive augmented-reality system that enabled users to engage simultaneously with real and virtual objects in a single immersive reality.

The project began in 1991, when I pitched the effort as part of my doctoral research at Stanford University. By the time I finished—three years and multiple prototypes later—the system I had assembled filled half a room and used nearly a million dollars’ worth of hardware. And I had collected enough data from human testing to definitively show that augmenting a real workspace with virtual objects could significantly enhance user performance in precision tasks.

Given the short time frame, it might sound like all went smoothly, but the project came close to getting derailed many times, thanks to a tight budget and substantial equipment needs. In fact, the effort might have crashed early on, had a parachute—a real