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Hasbro Confirms SS86 HotRod was a Voyager Due to Engineering and that All G1 Dinobots are Coming in the Same Scale

Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 9:20pm CDT

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For a long time, fans relied on logic and leakers to get answers as to why certain toys come out a certain way but now we live in a golden age of information where designers will speak directly to us about all the minutia of specific designs. You can currently get that info from Transformers designers Evan Brooks, Mark Maher and Sam Smith who all post too frequently for us to get to it all.

But we wanted to get some info we found interesting since it does confirm certain things. While it was obvious for many, some fans like hearing it from the horse’s mouth and now the designer who worked on SS86 Hot Rod has confirmed that the “voyager” class no longer


Engineers Investigating NASA’s Voyager 1 Telemetry Data

The workforce will proceed to check the sign closely as they go on to decide irrespective of whether the invalid data is coming immediately from the AACS or a different method concerned in producing and sending telemetry facts. Until eventually the character of the situation is superior comprehended, the crew can not foresee no matter whether this may affect how extensive the spacecraft can obtain and transmit science data.

Voyager 1 is at this time 14.5 billion miles (23.3 billion kilometers) from Earth, and it normally takes light-weight 20 hours and 33 minutes to vacation that change. That implies it can take approximately two days to mail a concept to Voyager 1 and get a reaction – a delay the mission team is perfectly accustomed to.

“A thriller like this is kind of par for the program at this stage of the Voyager mission,” stated Suzanne Dodd, venture supervisor for