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Audio Not Working in Windows 10? 9 Ways to Fix Sound Problems

Suffering from audio not working on your Windows 10 PC? It’s quite frustrating to have no sound on your computer, but we’re here to help.

Below, we cover quick and easy solutions to fix your sound on Windows when it’s not working. While we focus on Windows 10 here, many of these solutions also apply to Windows 11.

1. Check Volume Levels and Muted Outputs

First, you should get the most obvious fix out of the way. If you have no sound on your computer, double-check to make sure that you haven’t muted the audio. Click the Volume icon at the bottom-right corner of your computer to check the master volume bar; make sure it’s not muted or set at an extremely low level. If it’s muted, you’ll see an X next to the speaker icon.

After this, right-click on the same volume icon and choose Open Volume mixer to


5 Ways to Fix the “Access Denied” Error on Windows 11

Key Takeaways

  • The “Access Denied” error on Windows 11 indicates a lack of permissions. Check system permissions and grant full control to your user account.
  • Make your account the computer’s administrator to fix Access Denied errors. Set the account to an admin in User Accounts settings to gain access.
  • You can also enable the hidden Administrator account in Windows 11 for unrestricted access to files and folders. Switch to this account to bypass severe access problems.

When you encounter the “Access Denied” error in Windows 11, it can feel like you’re being locked out of your own computer. While having trouble accessing your files, directories, and folders is frustrating, don’t panic—with a few simple tweaks, you can regain access to your system.

Why Are You Getting the “Access Denied” Error?

The Access Denied error is a common issue on Windows systems that indicates you don’t have permission to view a


6 Ways to Fix the ‘Your PC Did Not Start Correctly’ Error

When your computer fails to boot into Windows, you may see the “your PC did not start correctly” error. This error indicates that something interrupted the boot process, which may or may not require your attention. You can sometimes fix the problem by restarting the computer, but there are several other fixes if that doesn’t work.

What Is the ‘Your PC Did Not Start Correctly’ Error?

This error indicates that something interrupted the Windows 11 boot process. The causes can include:

  • When the computer loses power during the boot process or if the computer is shut down before Windows can boot
  • Incorrect configurations
  • Bad drivers
  • Recent Windows update

How to Fix the ‘Your PC Did Not Start Correctly’ Error

Since there are so many causes of this error, fixing it involves checking each possibility in order. If your PC boots into Windows anytime, you can skip the rest of the


5 Ways to Fix a Stuck Pixel on Your Screen

That annoying dead pixel on your TFT, OLED, or LCD screen might just be stuck and easy to fix. We’ll show you how to do it. You can still return your monitor if this doesn’t work; nothing we recommend here will void your warranty.

Let’s see how you can fix hot, dead, or stuck pixels on your screen.

How to Test New Screens for Stuck or Dead Pixels

Yes, you should test any new monitor for bad pixels. You can simply run your screen through a palette of basic colors, as well as black and white in full-screen mode using a tool like EIZO Monitor Test.

1. EIZO Monitor Test

Availability: Web

EIZO Monitor Test is an online tool that lets you find and eventually fix stuck pixels. It packs many options into a single test window, but it’s easy to use once you have an overview.

To test your


7 Ways to Fix Keyboard Input Lag on Windows 10 and 11

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– 30% update

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A laggy-feeling keyboard can drive you up the wall, especially when you’re working on something important and the keyboard refuses to cooperate. If you’re a writer, web developer, programmer, or professional who spends hours punching keys, this problem can slow you down.

Before you troubleshoot the issue, ensure that it really is the keyboard that’s causing the problem. Sometimes, you may be inadvertently doing things that cause your Windows PC to slow down, which can also be a reason for keyboard


11 Ways to Fix Audio Crackling on Windows 10

Does the audio output from your speakers or headset crackle too much? Do you think your audio device is malfunctioning and preventing you from listening to your favorite music? The problem may be hardware-related; however, software glitches can also lead to this issue. The question is, how can we find the primary cause and fix the problem?

This article will cover different troubleshooting steps to fix the audio crackling issue so you can resume watching your favorite shows.

Why Does Audio Crackle on Windows 10?

Listed below are a few main reasons why the audio coming out of your speaker or headset sounds crackly:

  • Your hardware, such as your speaker or headset, has malfunctioned.
  • It’s been a while since you updated the sound drivers.
  • Your audio hardware and the sound format set on your device are incompatible.
  • You’re using audio enhancements to improve the audio quality, but they’re causing it