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How to Fix Low Game FPS in Windows

Part of the beauty of PC gaming is enjoying the best graphics and performance the industry has to offer. But when you’re suffering from a low frame rate, it’s hard to enjoy a game at all.

Whether your latest purchase isn’t running smoothly on your PC, or you suddenly find games struggling to perform in general, we’re here to help. Here’s how to fix low FPS issues in Windows and get back to high-quality gaming.

First: Know the Difference Between Low FPS and Network Lag

Before you spend time fixing the low frames per second on your PC, it’s important to understand the difference between low FPS and online lag. People sometimes confuse these.

When you experience low FPS, something with your computer is at fault. You’ll know you have an FPS problem if games stutter like you’re watching a slideshow, even when playing an offline game. Make sure you


Audio Not Working in Windows 10? 9 Ways to Fix Sound Problems

Suffering from audio not working on your Windows 10 PC? It’s quite frustrating to have no sound on your computer, but we’re here to help.

Below, we cover quick and easy solutions to fix your sound on Windows when it’s not working. While we focus on Windows 10 here, many of these solutions also apply to Windows 11.

1. Check Volume Levels and Muted Outputs

First, you should get the most obvious fix out of the way. If you have no sound on your computer, double-check to make sure that you haven’t muted the audio. Click the Volume icon at the bottom-right corner of your computer to check the master volume bar; make sure it’s not muted or set at an extremely low level. If it’s muted, you’ll see an X next to the speaker icon.

After this, right-click on the same volume icon and choose Open Volume mixer to


How to Easily Share Files Between Mac and Windows

Key Takeaways

  • You can transfer files between Mac and Windows using native tools if both devices are on the same network.
  • Cloud storage services can sync files across devices over the internet, but may incur subscription fees.
  • Consider using external drives or free apps like Resilio Sync for occasional file transfers between devices.

Sharing files between a Mac and Windows PC requires no additional software when they’re connected to the same network. In other cases, you may need to explore alternative options, like paying for a cloud storage service. We explore all the methods below.

Use File Sharing to Transfer Files From a Mac to a Windows PC

If your Windows PC and Mac are connected to the same network, it’s relatively easy to set up and start using file sharing on macOS. We’ll break the process into two sections, one for each OS.

Setting Up File Sharing on macOS


5 Ways to Fix the “Access Denied” Error on Windows 11

Key Takeaways

  • The “Access Denied” error on Windows 11 indicates a lack of permissions. Check system permissions and grant full control to your user account.
  • Make your account the computer’s administrator to fix Access Denied errors. Set the account to an admin in User Accounts settings to gain access.
  • You can also enable the hidden Administrator account in Windows 11 for unrestricted access to files and folders. Switch to this account to bypass severe access problems.

When you encounter the “Access Denied” error in Windows 11, it can feel like you’re being locked out of your own computer. While having trouble accessing your files, directories, and folders is frustrating, don’t panic—with a few simple tweaks, you can regain access to your system.

Why Are You Getting the “Access Denied” Error?

The Access Denied error is a common issue on Windows systems that indicates you don’t have permission to view a


How to Fix It When the Cursor Disappears in Windows 10

Trouble tracking down that cursor in Windows 10? We’ve got the fixes you need.

A constantly disappearing cursor can be caused by various reasons, making a wide variety of solutions possible. The cursor might not work at all, or it could disappear in particular situations. The mouse buttons might even work while the cursor is hidden.

Here are just a few situations where users have noticed a disappearing mouse cursor:

Follow these fix-it steps to diagnose the problem for you and learn how to remedy it. They’re ordered by the easiest/quickest to try: Start from the top and work your way down until a solution works for you.

  • If you have a wired mouse, unplug it from the computer and then plug it back in, maybe even in a different USB port. For wireless mice, remove the attachment in the USB port and shut the mouse off, and then plug

  •

    How to Fix a Windows Kernel Power Error in 5 Easy Steps

    Key Takeaways

    • The Kernel-Power critical error is a system error that can cause your computer to crash without warning, indicating a power supply or hardware issue.
    • Common causes of the Kernel-Power error include outdated Windows, enabled Windows fast startup, and faulty RAM or graphics card.
    • Fix the error by updating Windows, disabling fast startup, reseating RAM and graphics card, testing for faulty PSU, and running CHKDSK and SFC.

    Does your Windows computer shut down without warning? Or does it crash every time you attempt to wake it from Sleep? Your computer might have a power supply fault, causing it to crash without warning.

    The issue, known as a Kernel-Power error, seemingly appears for no reason, yet is a critical system issue. Here’s how to fix Kernel-Power Event ID 41 and stop your computer from crashing.

    What Is a Kernel-Power Critical Error?

    The Kernel-Power critical error is a system error that