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How to Fix a Missing Wi-Fi Option in Windows 11

Key Takeaways

  • Use the built-in troubleshooter: Run the Internet Connection or Network Adapter troubleshooter to scan and fix common network problems in Windows 11.
  • Manually enable Wi-Fi adapter: If the Wi-Fi option is missing, go to Network and Sharing Center, click on Change adapter settings, right-click on the Wi-Fi adapter, and select Enabled.
  • Update network adapter drivers: Install the latest drivers for your Wi-Fi device by going to Device Manager, expanding Network adapters, right-clicking on your Wi-Fi device, and selecting Update driver.

Your Windows 11 computer may not show a Wi-Fi connectivity option due to various reasons. Corrupt Wi-Fi drivers, hardware issues, and even problems with the Windows OS can be the potential causes for this problem. You may also notice frequent Wi-Fi connection drops.

Here are a few troubleshooting steps to help you fix the Wi-Fi not working problem in Windows 11.

1. Run the Internet Connection Troubleshooter



How to correct audio difficulties on your Home windows Laptop


How to Fix a Persistent “Enter Network Credentials” Message on Windows

The network credentials on your PC are important because they prevent others from using your computer across the network. While this feature is essential to protect your important files and improve the overall security of your system, it can sometimes cause issues as well.

A common problem is when the network credential manager keeps displaying the “Enter network credentials” dialog, even when you enter the correct credentials. In this guide, we will walk you through some troubleshooting methods you can try to fix this issue for good.

1. Modify the Advanced Sharing Settings

An incorrectly set Advanced Sharing setting is one of the most common causes of this error. Ideally, your PC should be allowed to manage homegroup connections. You can also use the Advanced Sharing settings page to disable password-protected sharing, which will allow you to share files without needing to log in.

Here is how you can configure


7 Ways to Fix Keyboard Input Lag on Windows 10 and 11

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A laggy-feeling keyboard can drive you up the wall, especially when you’re working on something important and the keyboard refuses to cooperate. If you’re a writer, web developer, programmer, or professional who spends hours punching keys, this problem can slow you down.

Before you troubleshoot the issue, ensure that it really is the keyboard that’s causing the problem. Sometimes, you may be inadvertently doing things that cause your Windows PC to slow down, which can also be a reason for keyboard


11 Ways to Fix Audio Crackling on Windows 10

Does the audio output from your speakers or headset crackle too much? Do you think your audio device is malfunctioning and preventing you from listening to your favorite music? The problem may be hardware-related; however, software glitches can also lead to this issue. The question is, how can we find the primary cause and fix the problem?

This article will cover different troubleshooting steps to fix the audio crackling issue so you can resume watching your favorite shows.

Why Does Audio Crackle on Windows 10?

Listed below are a few main reasons why the audio coming out of your speaker or headset sounds crackly:

  • Your hardware, such as your speaker or headset, has malfunctioned.
  • It’s been a while since you updated the sound drivers.
  • Your audio hardware and the sound format set on your device are incompatible.
  • You’re using audio enhancements to improve the audio quality, but they’re causing it

7 Ways to Fix “The Remote Computer Requires Network Level Authentication (NLA)” Error on Windows

Windows’ remote access technology is quite incredible. It allows you to easily troubleshoot issues, download files, or configure settings on your remote PC.

However, it’s frustrating when you encounter an issue while trying to connect to a remote PC. Usually, the error message reads, “the remote computer requires Network Level Authentication (NLA).”

Lucky for you, we’ve got all the solutions! So, let’s dive in and fix your remote connection problems.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

White Wi-Fi Router

In most cases, “The remote computer that you are trying to connect to requires NLA” error might stem from your PC (and not the remote machine). So, resolving it will involve configuring a few settings on your device.

To get started, ensure that there aren’t any issues with your internet connection. For instance, here are some quick fixes that could help:

  • Check all your network cables and ensure there are no loose connections.
  • Ensure your