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How to Fix the “File or Directory Is Corrupted and Unreadable” Error on Windows 10

You connect to your Windows 10 computer an external hard drive containing some important files. But instead of accessing them, you get the “file or directory is corrupted and unreadable” error.

Now, the only way to get your files is to solve this error. While this might sound a bit intimidating, especially if it’s the first time you encounter this error, there’s no need to worry. We’ll take a look at what causes this error and how to fix it.

What Causes the “File or Directory is Corrupted and Unreadable” Error?

There are multiple reasons for this error but if you can identify the cause, the troubleshooting process should be shorter. Here are a few possible reasons for the “file or directory is corrupted and unreadable” error:

  • Physical damage. If the storage device is permanently damaged, you can’t access the stored information. Also, check the integrity of the hardware

How to Fix a Black Screen of Death Error in Windows 10

You’ve heard of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), a common Windows error screen displayed when a system fault occurs. But the B in BSOD doesn’t always stand for blue.

A Black Screen of Death can prove to be more difficult to resolve as it doesn’t display an error message. It’s simply a black screen, often with a movable mouse pointer, but no other Windows features.

Here are a few common causes and solutions for the Black Screen of Death.

What Causes the Black Screen of Death on Windows 10?

Various issues can cause the Black Screen of Death. In this guide, we’ll give you solutions for the most common causes:

  • Incomplete Windows 10 installation
  • Windows Update
  • Software and driver errors
  • Display issues
  • Overheating
  • Power supply problems

All the above can cause a Windows computer to get stuck on a black screen. Any Windows 10 computer can suffer from this


11 Tips to Help You Fix the Windows 10 Blue Screen Error

The blue screen of death (BSOD) error is something every Windows user runs into sooner or later. It’s a frustrating problem, as it’s often tough to troubleshoot and can pop up out of nowhere.

We’ll walk you through some basic tips on how to fix a blue screen on Windows 10 (and 11), as well as provide resources for specific blue screen error codes.

What Is a Blue Screen?

In case you’re not sure what a blue screen problem even is, let’s first review this important Windows term.

What’s commonly called a “blue screen of death” in Windows 10, Windows 11, and other versions is technically known as a stop error or fatal system error. This occurs when the operating system crashes, meaning that it ran into some issue that prevented it from running safely. When this happens, Windows displays a blue screen with some information about the problem


How to Fix the “Another Computer Is Using the Printer” Error on Windows 10 & 11

Printing documents and images is essential for many users. However, some users’ printers don’t print because of a Windows error message that says, “Another computer is using the printer.” Users have reported this error message appears when they select to print in Windows software packages.

This error message suggests the printer can’t print because it’s already in use by another computer. However, the error also arises for home users who aren’t sharing their printers with other computers on organization networks. This is how you can fix the “Another computer is using the printer” error on Windows 10 & 11.

1. Restart the Printer

Restarting the printer is a simple possible fix that’s worth a try. The printer could be stuck with a preceding request, which applying this solution might resolve. So, power off your printer for a few minutes and then turn it back on to see if that makes


7 Ways to Fix Low Volume in Windows 10

Gamers and movie buffs always want the best sound from their computer. But poor audio quality may ruin the entire experience. A common miscreant that often stands in the way of an entertaining evening is the low-volume problem with Windows 10.

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You’ve probably already checked the volume bar on the app you’re using and the taskbar, and it’s set to maximum. Don’t give up just yet. In this guide, we’ve provided many troubleshooting methods to help you fix low volume on Windows 10.

1. Try a Different Audio Device

Let’s rule out the most common issue first, which is that your audio device may be on its last legs. If you have more than one pair of earphones or headphones lying