Teenage Engineering’s mixer – Forex – audio interface – instrument is provocatively small

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Teenage Engineering’s mixer – Forex – audio interface – instrument is provocatively small

The up coming large thought from Teenage Engineering is a minuscule multifunction mixer-audio interface. It’s wonderful and – probably unusably small. Those people Teenagers in no way shy absent from controversy.

So, here’s the concept: the TX-6 does type of all the things you could at any time want. It’s a desktop and cell audio interface (with wireless), it has multi-results, there’s a synthesizer and sequencer, and it features as a mixer (and a DJ mixer if you put it on your facet).

It is brilliant. It is stunning.

It’s so damn modest I have no plan if it is actually usable. (I do not nonetheless have a exam unit. I’ll see if I can get a arms-on – even a couple of times would presumably suffice.)

It’s also expensive – you understood a feat of engineering like this was likely to cost you, and confident sufficient it is a luxury purchase at EUR 1199.

Retaining the very small, pocket profile is itself pleasing – it signifies you can have a mixer/audio interface/synth any where you go, like pretty much fitting into your pocket the way an Iphone does. But mixing necessitates getting ready to accessibility faders and the assignable knobs very easily right here it seems to be like you’d virtually require tweezers. And I speculate if the rate level could have been fewer had they gone even a part larger, as the customized mechanical engineering below would seem to account for the cost.

Anyway, if you do figure out a way to run the controls, the characteristic checklist is amazing. Most of us seeing this at first look would have presumed we have been generally hunting at a mixer. But the electronic engine inside of does a lot additional. This is pretty much like purchasing a mixer and an audio interface and a portable consequences device and a synth/workstation a la TE’s OP-Z. (For any individual who missed the screen on the OP-Z and wished for some thing like the OP-1, now you get 1 yet again, though… yeah, it’s also eye-squintingly very small, of study course.)

Wow, the functions:

  • Aux out, primary out, and cue out (for DJing)… the principal out being the one particular total-sized 6.35mm (1/4″) jack
  • DJ manner that allows you get the job done with the unit on its aspect with a crossfader (this could basically be the most usable facet of this unit, to be honest, as the crossfader appears to be like intelligent!)
  • 12 audio inputs (into 6 jacks), with specially built slimline cables (3.5mm minijacks, but definitely with shrunken housings since standard cables wouldn’t match)
  • USB-C connectivity
  • 32-bit, 48kHz operation (which is overkill, but “overdesigned” is type of the concept here) – appears to be that is 12 in, 4 outs so it is also multichannel
  • 8 constructed-in mail effects – reverb, chorus, delay, freeze, tape, fiter, distortion
  • All custom elements (yeah, no kidding) and an aluminum circumstance
  • Battery electricity (they assure 8 hours, plus there is a rest method)
  • Bluetooth wi-fi procedure with MFi compatibility for iOS
  • Tempo sync
  • Customizable command format

…and how about for each-monitor compression and outcomes looping?


Truthfully, if I observed just these specs, I’d want the issue suitable absent – it is not that straightforward to locate even a 12×4 audio interface, and they tend to be massive, enable on your own throwing in multi-effects, simultaneous mixing with hardware controls, and a synth.

That simultaneous multichannel audio interface-mixer functionality is a large offer. If you did invest in all these elements independently, you could wind up with some cable spaghetti and a ton of things to lug

I just fear we may perhaps be in Jony Ive Apple territory exactly where we cross around from “insanely great” to just basic “insane.” (I could reel off some Apple goods that did that, but I’ll be nice.)

But I’m curious. I expect people today were too fast to dismiss anything, and it’s great that this matter is on the edge – or even way about the edge. I just have to see if it is at all usable, especially as some people today have unique-sized hands.

Remain tuned.

And … apologies to our friends in Stockholm, but this is surely compulsory below:


As is this:


All this remaining claimed – the more sensible device we have looked at, with a portion of the price, is unquestionably the exceptional bluebox. That product opts for touch controls, but it does nevertheless do mixing and multi-outcomes.

It also involves the one particular characteristic I consider the Teenage Engineering selection is most sorely lacking – recording. To me, that may possibly be the bigger ding than the selling price or the size. But we’ll acquire a look.

Go through Andreas Roman’s great review on the Bluebox, which includes as often some of his new music: