Top 10 Books on Networking in 2023

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Top 10 Books on Networking in 2023

  • This article lists some of the best books for beginner and intermediate professionals looking to specialize in networking.
  • Take a look at our top ten book picks for networking in 2023.

Top 10 Networking Books in 2023

Here, we talk about the best books to learn computer networking, all of which are highly recommended and will prove valuable for students to grasp the fundamentals of networking. Making use of these resources will aid your career in this in-demand field.

1.CompTIA Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, 8th Edition

The latest version of CompTIA’s Network+ exam guide, written by Mike Meyers, is one of the best books to learn about computer networks.

It provides easily understandable information and real-world examples on topics ranging from network architecture, virtualization, cloud computing, and network monitoring to aid readers in grasping the fundamentals of networking infrastructure.

The book also provides readers with several practice questions to crack CompTIA’s exams. However, that’s not all. In addition to being a study tool for exams, it serves as valuable reference material that helps readers on the job.

This version includes access to online content, hands-on labs and simulations, and video training and materials from the author.

2. CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide Library

CCNA 200-301

This two-book package includes CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide, Volume 1 and CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide, Volume 2, written by bestselling author Wendell Odom.

These books provide up-to-date information students need to ace the CCNA exams and are the only study resource Cisco has officially approved. The books help readers gain superior conceptual knowledge important to hands-on skills.

In addition to the books, the library exhaustively covers practice questions, video training, simulator labs, and test tips and hints.

3. Network Programmability & Automation 2nd Edition

Network Programmability

Written by Matt Oswalt, Jason Edelman, Christian Adell, and Scott Lowe, the 2nd edition of this practical networking guide helps networking professionals understand the use of technologies, such as Python, Linux, Git, and APIs, for system automation by code.

This new edition includes new topics like cloud, network development environments, network automation architecture, and programming with Go.

The book is suitable for intermediate networking professionals looking to automate tasks for configuring, managing, and using topologies, equipment, connectivity, and services.

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4. CompTIA Network+ Guide to Networks, 9th Edition

Comptia Network

Another great resource for networking beginners, the 9th edition of CompTIA’s Network+ Guide to Networks is the ideal companion for those sitting the CompTIA’s Network+ N10-008 certification exam.

However, it is also great reference material for professionals working on networking models and protocols for operations such as virtualization and cloud while giving a variety of simulation projects on numerous software, hardware, and devices.

5. Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 8th Edition

Computer Networking

The 8th edition of James Kurose’s Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach is great for systematically learning the subject.

The book reduces the complexity of the topics by starting with the application layer and moving toward the physical layer. This gives students an easier comprehension of key concepts in the early stages.

This book is ideal for electrical engineering and CS students and can even help beginners without math or programming expertise.

The 8th edition also covers recent advances in the industry, including 4G/5G networks, software-defined networking (SDN), and mobile applications.

6. Data Communications and Networking with TCP/IP Protocol Suite, 6th Edition

Data Communications

Data Communications and Networking by Forouzan, is another popular choice for networking professionals focusing on the TCP/IP protocol suite.

This book opts for a bottom-top approach to networking, considering the services the lower layer provides. It covers complex technical content and helps readers comprehend easily through a highly illustrative format.

Considering the focus on TCP/IP, the 6th edition has made the content concise and includes detailed chapters on network management, multimedia, network security, and cryptography.

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7. Network Warrior, 2nd Edition

Network Warrior

Network Warrior by Gary Donahue, is a popular choice for those interested in a thorough grounding in the varied aspects of network infrastructure.

The book is a detailed guide on the components of computer networks, such as hubs, switches, repeaters, etc., and provides information on network upgrades and troubleshooting various problems.

The author primarily focuses on Cisco infrastructure, including ethernet and TCP/IP, LAN, MAN, WAN, and CAN networks, firewall theory, IP design, and subnetting, among others.

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8. Computer Networks, 6th Edition

Computer Networks

Computer Networks by Andrew Tanenbaum, is an excellent introduction to the world of networking. The book covers key topics such as  ADSL, Bluetooth, peer-to-peer, and 3G networks in great detail.

It also provides information on operations for delaying torrent networking, fiber to the home, real-time transport, internet routing, and content distribution.

Key chapters are on the data link layer, medium access control sub-layer, physical layer, network layer, application layer, and transport layer, with real-world examples that will significantly aid reader comprehension.

9. Mastering Python Networking 4th Edition

Mastering Python

Python is an increasingly popular programming language among network engineers, and this book is a great source for network engineers looking to bolster their repertoire.

The book will help you learn about high-level Python frameworks and packages to run network monitoring, automation, security, and management on Azure and AWS Cloud platforms.

The 4th edition also includes chapters on Docker containers, Python 3 Async IO, and details about associated libraries, with practical examples for better understanding.

10. The All-New Switch Book, 2nd Edition

The All New Switch Book

Written by Rich Seifert and Jim Edwards, this book extensively details the varying aspects of LAN switching technologies in an easy-to-understand writing style, a rarity in the subject.

With the quintessential role of switches in designing optimized networks, this book can be an important resource for beginner networking professionals.

The All-New Switch Book takes readers through the myriad changes that have taken place in computer networking in recent years, including switch design, capabilities, and applications.

Skilled networking professionals are in high demand, not just in IT companies but in every business that requires computing infrastructure. Check out our recommendations to find new opportunities in the industry.

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