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Toronto cyberattacks prompt metropolis to provide different agencies into central procedure

The metropolis is functioning to carry its numerous boards and companies below a one central IT process as Toronto works to prevent another disastrous cyberattack.

Toronto has been strike with two notable cyberattacks more than the past number of months.

An assault on the Toronto General public Library in Oct has crippled the library’s methods for months, producing it difficult for patrons to use laptop facilities and borrow objects.

A different attack targeted the Toronto Zoo previously this month.

In the two situations, hackers stole personal information and facts about workforce. The zoo reported that the stolen information and facts involved previous earnings facts, social coverage numbers, birthdates, telephone quantities and home addresses. 

In an e-mail to CP24.com, the city confirmed that neither the zoo nor the library were being portion of Toronto’s central IT devices prior to the assault, nor did they fall below the obligation of the Business


Must-Read Best Of Practical Prompt Engineering Strategies To Become A Skillful Prompting Wizard In Generative AI

In today’s column, I have put together my most-read postings on how to skillfully craft your prompts when making use of generative AI such as ChatGPT, Bard, Gemini, Claude, GPT-4, and other popular large language models (LLM). These are handy strategies and specific techniques that can make a tremendous difference when using generative AI. If you ever wondered what other people know about prompting but for which you don’t know, perhaps this recap will ensure that you are in the know.

Notably, even if you already are a prompt engineering wizard, you might nonetheless still find insightful my coverage of state-of-the-art prompting approaches.

I’ll cover a few upfront considerations before we jump into the trees of the forest.

Reasons To Know Prompt Engineering

My golden rule about generative AI is this:

  • The use of

OpenAI Publishes GPT Prompt Engineering Guidebook

OpenAI lately posted a guide to Prompt Engineering. The guide lists 6 techniques for eliciting improved responses from their GPT versions, with a unique concentration on examples for their hottest edition, GPT-4.

The guide’s six substantial-degree tactics are: create crystal clear directions, offer reference textual content, split sophisticated jobs into simpler subtasks, give the model time to “imagine”, use external tools, and test modifications systematically. Each and every of the tactics is broken down into a set of unique, actionable tactics with case in point prompts. Numerous of the practices are centered on results of LLM analysis, these kinds of as chain-of-imagined prompting or recursive summarization.

OpenAI’s study paper on GPT-3, revealed in 2020, confirmed how the model could complete a variety of normal language processing (NLP) tasks employing several shot learning basically, by prompting the design with a description or examples of the activity to


New Prompt Engineering Technique Pumps-Up Chain-Of-Thought With Factored Decomposition And Spurs Exciting Uplift When Using Generative AI

It is said that sometimes you’ve got to stop and smell the roses. This involves calming yourself and overcoming the usual tendency to rush along. We all seem to be in a mad dash these days.

When you overly rush, you tend to splinter or undercut your attention. By instead riveting your scarce attention, you heighten the propensity to observe little things that can make big things happen. Being slow and sure is at times highly advantageous.

Those inspirational thoughts are going to be instrumental to my discussion herein, as you will shortly see.

In today’s column, I am furthering my ongoing series about the latest advances in prompt engineering. My focus this time will be on the use of a fascinating and important new advance associated with


How to Begin a Career in Prompt Engineering

With the recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI), many have considered starting a career in prompt engineering. Global tech leaders need professionals who’ll talk to machines. They invest billions into the AI race—skilled, innovative prompt engineers are paid handsomely.

If you can efficiently convey instructions, you might thrive in this industry. Here’s what you should know about prompt engineering jobs, how much they pay, and why they’re in demand.


What Do Prompt Engineers Do?

Man Using PC With Two Screens and a Laptop

Prompts refer to the instructions that humans input into AI models. They could either be:

  • User-Generated Inputs: Users dictate one-time queries and tasks when interacting with AI models.
  • Predefined Instructions: Developers set predefined rules when training AI models.

AI has no inherent biases. Its output heavily depends on the prompts you feed it, assuming they fall within its pre-trained datasets.

Creating prompts doesn’t necessarily require coding


Very best Prompt Engineering Suggestions for Newbies in 2023

What is Prompt Engineering?

Artificial intelligence, specifically pure language processing, has a notion referred to as prompt engineering (NLP). In prompt engineering, the work description is provided explicitly in the enter, these kinds of as a problem, as an alternative of getting provided implicitly. Commonly, prompt engineering consists of transforming 1 or extra responsibilities into a prompt-based mostly dataset and “prompt-centered learning”—also recognized as “prompt learning”—to coach a language product. Prompt engineering, also recognised as “prefix-tuning” or “prompt tuning,” is a technique whereby a big, “frozen” pretrained language product is applied, and just the prompt’s representation is learned.

Developing the ChatGPT Tool, GPT-2, and GPT-3 language products was vital for prompt engineering. Multitask prompt engineering in 2021 has shown potent functionality on novel duties making use of various NLP datasets. Number of-shot finding out illustrations prompt with a considered chain supply a much better illustration of language product considering. Prepaying